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Your Story is Sacred

Creatives, healers, spiritual leaders, and changemakers, 

you are beloved, and your story matters. 


Disconnected from this spiritual and creative identity, 

you lack the power to follow through in

your unique transformational and creative calling. 


Trusting that you are beloved,

connected to Sacred Mystery,

you are empowered in every area of your life. 


I offer spiritual direction and creative coaching

to help you root deep in nourishing relationships

with God, other beings, and the Earth,

so that you can activate your resilience ,

increase your creativity, and enjoy vibrant wellbeing

while playing your unique part to change the world.

Laura's facilitation was gentle and encouraging and made for a safe environment in which to explore, share, and listen.

Marge, workshop participant

I am very eager to begin exploring the stories I have to tell. I have the techniques to start and just need to follow through. My legacy is in my hands! Thank you, Laura.

Mary, workshop participant

Laura guides the Life Story Legacy retreat with enthusiasm, compassion, and a wealth of experiences to enhance the participant's ability to write their own life story.

Barbara, workshop participant


My great joy is listening to life stories.

The resilient spirit comes alive within you as you are empowered to explore and express your story.

Through our sacred conversations, my clients experience

freedom, power, joy and love. They find new joy in previously stagnant relationships. They reignite their creative energy and complete projects. They discern their authentic soul-path and strategize their fulfillment. 


What outcomes do you want for your life?

Click below to get on my calendar for a short Clarity Chat

to get clear about your goals and strategize your next steps toward fulfillment. 

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