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Resilient Spirit

Listen and act

from the story of your soul.  

Through private coaching, 

group spiritual direction,

or community storytelling events,

I can help!

I work with spiritual seekers, creatives, and changemakers

who are passionate about the wellbeing of life on Planet Earth.

In their fear, confusion, and anxiety, 

my clients often struggle 

to listen to their inner wisdom and choose a

clear direction 

to create and take action

in these changing times.

On the Resilient Spirit Story Path, my clients transform

their overwhelm, indecision, and hopelessness

into clarity, courage, and resilience. 

Exploring their stories of self, other, God, and Earth,

they discover sources of resilience,

to move beyond their fears

and unlock their personal purpose, presence, and power

to make a difference in the world.


Laura's facilitation was gentle and encouraging and made for a safe environment in which to explore, share, and listen.

Marge Pellegrino
"Your Most Life-Giving Story" workshop participant

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I'm Laura Elly Hudson

Spiritual Director, Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, and Writer

My great joy is listening life stories. I've witnessed the resilient spirit come alive within many people, as they are empowered to explore and express their story.
Through our sacred conversations, my clients have increased in
freedom, power, joy and love.
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