My Story Journey

Why and How I Started on this Path

Story and Journey are my two favorite metaphors for talking about what it means to be alive.

Journey: because we all start somewhere, in some situation,

and as we "make the road by walking,"

life takes us places we never could have imagined.

Story: because human beings are story animals.

As soon as we learn language, we are narrating what happens to us,

trying to place the events and experiences of our lives

within frameworks of meaning. 

In ten years of ordained pastoral ministry in a church congregation,

three of those years as a certified spiritual director,

I've been privileged to listen and share many stories.

I've come to believe our life stories, and the way we tell them,

are a matter of life and death. 

We live well and die well

when we can know and share the story of our life

with God and with those we love.

Our story legacy is a gift that keeps giving long after we're gone

to enrich the next generation with hard-earned wisdom and companionship on their journey. 


“Story is the narrative thread of our experience—
not what literally happens, but what we make out of what happens,
what we tell each other, and what we remember.”

Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher


"I am a beloved

child of God,

deserving of respect,

and God will use me

to change the world." 

My Dad posted this affirmation on his bathroom mirror.
It was how he was retelling his own story to himself, every day reminding himself how precious he was.
He needed that reminder, because he often forgot, when the old pattern,
the old story he called his "adoption ghost"
surfaced once again to torment him with the early childhood fear of abandonment.
His story taught me the life and death importance of the story journey.
The photo below shows my Dad and me
sharing stories some twenty years ago.
Click the button to read about how my Dad's death gave me my story-journey commissioning...

dad and laura 1994_edited.jpg