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One of the best gifts you can give those who love you is your story. Your family history, the significant events which have shaped your character, the feelings and richness of all of your life experiences: all of these are opportunities to connect with your loved ones and leave a story-legacy for generations to come.

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“What goes into living a life during your time, in your particular place?
This is what our children want to know…
It’s an affirmation of the familiar phrase, “We’re all in this together,”
something we seem to sense when we’re very young,
yet understand more deeply as we have time to reflect on our lives.
Take the time. Tell us.
Acknowledge the together of today and tomorrow, by giving your stories.
The story of a life is a priceless legacy.”

Linda Spence, Legacy


My experience with my Dad's story is the basis of my interest in offering this service.

As a pastor, I've worked with numerous families to create meaningful rituals

to honor the lives and stories of loved ones who have died.

As a spiritual director, I'm trained to ask stories which help you to dig deeper,

not only making a timeline of significant life events,

but exploring the texture and color and emotions of these events. 

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Legacy Story Plans and Pricing

Basic Legacy Story Plan:

  • 2 hours (in one or two personal sessions) in which I interview you to draw out your story

  • 2 hours of my time compiling your narrative in a written document, which includes suggestions for you to add further stories. 

  • sound recording files of our interviews

Other configurations of time and materials are possible. 

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