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Journal Jumpstart: Longest Night

Dear Ones,

In case you missed it, here's a replay of the first ever Resilient Spirit Journal Jumpstart! In this video, I facilitate a 15 minute meditation and writing session, with a writing prompt on the theme of "night." I hope you'll take a few moments and try it out!

I was amazed at how this process still worked for me even when I was leading it for others. So below, I'm daring to share what I wrote during the writing portion, unedited:

The darkness is a place of rest.

It gathers me in,

it holds me close,

it whispers intimacies of

strange kindness.

I hinder myself from

receiving the gifts

it offers,

gifts of wisdom

that cannot be experienced

in sunlight.

The call to justice

which creaks through my bones

the ache which asks for remedy

It will keep me awake

until I answer

It will prod me with dreams or

even nightmares.

Will I listen

or will I turn over and

pretend the dark

does not kiss my neck

with its wishes?

So there it is. That's what came to me during the filming of the video above. I'm sharing it to give you courage to try it out! Who knows what words want to come through you to the page or the screen?

Let them come.



P.S. If you use this video and do the writing prompt, a story you want to share might emerge. It could be the seed of a story to share at the Resilient Spirit Story Circle on the Longest Night, Dec. 21. You can find out more and get your ticket here:

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