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Wild Peace: the grace of trees

You'll see a lot of trees in my blogs and other mailings. Since early childhood, when I spent many hours playing under or climbing up into our two front yard trees, I have experienced profound calm and comfort in the presence of trees. In this photo, here I am saying goodbye to one of my childhood tree companions, when my mother moved out of that home.

There's all kinds of studies these days about how the color of leaves is soothing to human minds, or how replenishing it is for us to spend time in the woods. Aside from the natural biological response to the fresh oxygen they provide or the aesthetic enjoyment of their bark textures or elegant boughs, I revere trees for their slow, steady growth and longevity. To stand near an ancient tree is humbling. It puts my life's dramas in perspective to become aware of plant beings in existence long before me, which will continue to exist long after I'm gone.

Wendell Berry's poem, "The Peace of Wild Things," has been coming to my mind often lately, as I continue to navigate the challenges these times with my Eastern Oregon community. As the pandemic drags on, on the one hand, and as fires, hurricanes and floods signal the reality of climate change, on the other, it's easy to get caught up in the fear and despair. Berry's poem is an invitation to seek the long view perspective that trees and other wild things have to teach us, not to deny the suffering of our present moment, but to ground ourselves in the hopeful awareness that life really will go on. You can read the poem, or listen to it being read HERE.

Also in the theme of the peace of wild things, HERE is a Celtic blessing song that soothes me to sing or hear. I recorded this little video for my church congregation last year, and maybe you'll enjoy it, too.

Do you have any favorite tree or wild place which brings you peace? I'd love to hear your stories: send them to my new business email:

And if you are seeking more peace in your life, I may be able to help. You can write me at my email above or get on my calendar for a FREE 15-minute Clarity Chat at my calendar link HERE.

Peace be with you!


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